Benefits Of Choosing Epoxy Flooring For Your Perth Warehouse

Putting in new floors in an average warehouse is daunting enough without going for an unfamiliar surface like epoxy. It’s a modern surface proving itself in the commercial area and is probably THE most durable floor on the market. 

Epoxy is most commonly laid over concrete floors. Still, if the underlying surface is solid, it can be applied over any old flooring surface. The chemicals in the epoxy are poured over the existing surface and self-levels, then dry to a smooth, shiny surface that cures incredibly hard. 

With epoxy not absorbing spills, it doesn’t stain. It’s impervious to water, so it doesn’t rot. Epoxy doesn’t react with many chemicals, making spills easy to clean. And on top of all that, it’s heat and fire-resistant, cant take hard and heavy impacts and even vehicles driving over it constantly. 

Epoxy Flooring Warehouse

Epoxy really is a miracle flooring solution! Check out the benefits of choosing epoxy floors for your Perth warehouse. 



Covering a concrete floor in epoxy will make it more robust again. Epoxy-coated concrete can take more weight more often and is perfect in high-traffic areas where vehicles travel regularly. 

With the floor being so protected by the epoxy, businesses find they have less maintenance and repairs on the floor, which increases safety and is excellent on the budget too!



After the polymer sets and cures, the result is a solid floor. Epoxy can handle impacts from dropped tools, constant forklift movements and other heavy object that might need to be stored on it. 

Epoxy increases the surface strength from 1360 kilos per 2.5cm2 to over 4500 kilos per 2.5cm2 – that’s quite the improvement!


Ease of Installation

While we don’t recommend laying epoxy as a DIY job, you’ll find the experts put it in incredibly quickly. It can go over just about any surface, melding the old flooring with the new and creating a robust and durable surface. The new floor will be ready for light duties in 24 hours, and everything you can throw on it after seven days!


Easy to Clean

With a super smooth surface, oils, dirt and water can’t get into cracks or splits in this flooring – because there aren’t any – so it’s much easier than keeping the epoxy floor clean. 

Concrete is porous and will absorb oils and spills, leaving a stain. Epoxy is impervious to both of these liquids, so you’ll have a spotless floor that your cleaners will love!

The epoxy surface is easy to clean with a broom, vacuum or mop and bacteria, germs, grime, and dirt can’t stick to it. In most cases, detergent and water will bring the surface up every time!



With so many colour options, you’ll have a bright and professional feel no matter what colour you choose. From browns and greys to your very own corporate colours, the floors can be marked out in literally any way you need them to be. 

Suppose you need textures or different non-slip areas. In that case, it’s straightforward to do at the time of installation and areas like safe walkways are easy to create


Resistance to Chemicals

Epoxy is famous for being unreactive to many chemicals commonly found in warehouses. This attribute makes it ideal for warehouses that deal in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, motor oil or liquids that are usually hard to clean up. 

In most cases, epoxy will not absorb the chemical, and you’ll find spill cleanups really easy!


Improve Safety and Visibility

The high gloss of the epoxy will brighten up your warehouse considerably. You will be amazed at how much more light will bounce around after the floor is laid. 

By increasing the visibility, the safety of your workers is also increased. With epoxy also being heat-resistant, slip-resistant and impact resistant, you’ll be improving your workplace’s safety.

You can also get the floor line marked or have different areas designated in different colours. This will remind your workers what and who should be in their work area, keeping everyone safer!



The high gloss of the final epoxy layer will increase the brightness of your warehouse by nearly 300% in many cases!

The glossy surface will reflect up onto the ceiling, bounce light off the walls, and help increase the illumination of your interior space.



Because of the “toughness factor” of epoxy, it simply outlasts all other flooring types. It’s a significant investment if you plan to be in business for a long time, and it takes a lot to damage. 

It protects your existing floor and is as tough as it sounds. Once you have epoxy flooring in your warehouse, you’ll never return to plain concrete again!



Who thought chemical flooring could have “green” credentials? Epoxy floor installation uses less material than traditional materials. Because it’s so tough, you won’t be replacing it as often. 

It’s easy for just a couple of people to install. It doesn’t require much fuel or any specialised tools in the installation process.



Epoxy flooring can be applied directly to your current flooring after it’s been checked for structural soundness. This helps make it cost-effective, as you aren’t paying for the demolition or removal of the original floor. 

Because laying epoxy is not very labour-intensive or requires massive specialised equipment, it’s a much quicker and cost-effective process that gives a durable and long-lasting floor quickly and easily.

We Install Quality Epoxy Flooring Across Perth

If you’re thinking that epoxy flooring might be what you are after for your Perth warehouse floors, give us a call today and let’s talk epoxy floors!

Every floor is unique, and we will work with you to deliver a strong, durable, custom-coloured surface that will last a long time and look good. 

We want you to have a floor that delivers the desired results, and wish you had got epoxy in much sooner. We do that using high-quality materials and expert installers, and by finding out what you need and then delivering!

Call us today for a FREE quote on all epoxy flooring Perth!

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