Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring For Your Perth Garage

Garage floors are usually concrete because it’s both tough and cheap. On top of that, they usually come with house and they are really pretty plain and quite unattractive into the bargain. 

Did you know that because of its rough surface, concrete can be very hard to keep clean as well? As they literally erode under your feet and tyre, the produce dust that never seems to go away. Makes you wonder why you have a concrete floor in your garage at all, doesn’t it? 

Have you considered epoxy garage flooring? 

Epoxy Garage floors Perth are the company to call if you want to upgrade to an easy-to-clean, good looking smooth and very long-lasting surface called epoxy.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Perth

We only use high-quality products and professional installers so that your garage floor will last for many many years without flaking, peeling, cracking or deteriorating. In fact, it may last decades before you need a touch-up or two!

Another interesting thing about epoxy garage flooring is that it is heat resistant and fire retardant too which is good to know. 

Epoxy flooring doesn’t need painting, ever and apart from cleaning it with a broom, mop or maybe a gurney, it really doesn’t need you to do anything else but admire it and then use it for the next ten-plus years!

If you have a garage space that is so more than a place to store your car and it’s a got a lot of traffic, might need cleaning a lot or you just want it to look amazing all the time, then check out our top reasons below for getting an epoxy garage flooring Perth installed!

Epoxy Looks Great!

Epoxy garage floors are so easy to clean and keep clean. Epoxy surfaces are seamless without gaps, cracks or joins and will look stunning for so much longer than any other surface. 

With a high gloss surface, you’ll find your garage suddenly a lot lighter and brighter than you’re used to as well. Talk about increasing your visibility and reducing your lighting costs in one easy step!

If you do have a concrete floor with minor cracks and imperfections, you’ll find the epoxy not only covers and seals them but increases the durability and increases the length of time between maintenance. 

There are so many colour choices in epoxy garage floor Perth that you’ll find the exact shade, pattern and colour that you have always wanted. We can make customised colours and markings to suit your home’s decor and personality too!

Epoxy garage floors are great for a home business as they look amazing and are easy to clean. They will improve both the look and the feel of your home office, garage or warehouse and give you a very proffessional look. 

Epoxy Is Durable!

When you choose an epoxy garage floor Perth, you will create a hard thick coating that will protect the surface underneath. Epoxy creates a hard durable tough floor that will protect your home and garage for decades to come. 

Epoxy garage floors are resistant to chips, cracks, dents and dings due to the hardness of epoxy. It’s resistant to many chemicals as well and is a great surface for mechanics to easily keep clean no matter what they spill. 

Our thick epoxy garage floor coatings will conceal any current flaws in your concrete and stop them from getting any further damage done to them. Epoxy not only fills the cracks and make the floor stronger but it also covers them so you cant see them anymore. 

Epoxy garage floors stand up to heavy traffic, both foot and vehicles and will stay looking good for a very long time.

Moisture Resistant

In wet and cold environments, epoxy garage floors perform well and keep your floor functional and safe as the epoxy is impermeable to water. If you have water, ice or brine coming inside your garage from wet vehicles, this flooring will be so easy for you to clean and stay looking great. 

By adding a tiny amount of detergent to your cleaning water, you can remove oil and water beading almost instantly. Keeping these floors clean is as easy as sluicing, mopping and blading them dry.

For dry floors, a broom will do a great job every time as there are no cracks, joins or gaps for the dust to settle in. 

Many concrete floors get dusty as the concrete deteriorates. This will never happen with epoxy garage floors as they don’t peel, flake or crumble in any way. 

Most chemicals don’t have an effect on epoxy garage floors as it’s practically inert and doesn’t react. You’ll find most chemicals just wipe up and this is why automotive and mechanical workshops choose this type of flooring.

​Slip Resistant

If safety is one of your biggest garage floor concerns ask us about getting coloured acrylic flakes put into your top layer. They will not only look attractive but can provide extra grip on your floors and require no extra maintenance or cleaning. 

If you are looking for a good-looking, stable, durable easy to clean and quick-to-install flooring solution for your garage, then call Epoxy Garage Floors Perth today and find out how easy and reasonably priced epoxy garage floors can be!

Call us today for a FREE quote on all epoxy flooring Perth!

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