Reasons To Choose Epoxy Flooring For Your Perth Property

Epoxy flooring can really transform your space!

Whether your business needs to replace a worn-out floor or even seal a porous surface, epoxy flooring Perth will make your floors look great and strengthen them in the bargain!

It’s easy to customise them with antibacterial additive or nonslip surfaces, depending on your industry and your business needs. Epoxy flooring is perfect for automotive, medical, food, manufacturing, healthcare, and lots of other businesses that need specialised flooring solutions.

One of the beauties of epoxy flooring is that it preserves your concrete floor underneath and protects it from the impacts of tools and equipment. Epoxy flooring Perth does all this while still looking good and being easy to clean. 

Epoxy flooring is not just attractive but is really durable and fantastic for areas that have heavy traffic, cars, or people!

If your floor is already damaged, epoxy coatings will help it last longer and protect it from deteriorating further. Epoxy will also make floors look good and be really easy to clean. 

This type of flooring overlay is a great option for another reason.

Epoxy Flooring Perth

It’s long-lasting, versatile and quite reasonably priced since you won’t be replacing it in the short term. 

If you are still wondering if an epoxy floor installed by a local company like Epoxy Flooring Perth could work for you and wonder if it’s really worth it, then let’s have a look at a few advantages!

Epoxy floors are perfect for high-traffic areas

Once cured, epoxy doesn’t move. You won’t get groves where people walk or vehicles travel. It goes on smooth and stays smooth and looks good. 

The strength of the finish will support heavy weights and the lovely smooth surface doesn’t wear tyres or shoes as much as concrete does. 

The super smooth floor is perfect for business with gurneys, forklifts or trolleys to travel over as they won’t jolt or jump over any bumps.

Epoxy floors are water and stain resistant

Epoxy doesn’t warp, crack or stain like other surfaces. Laminate, wood and lino often end up water damaged and can’t handle oils or other chemicals when they are spilt on it. 

Most spills don’t react or affect the epoxy finish and are easily cleaned up with cloths, mops or gurneys. Stains are very rare on high-quality properly installed epoxy finishes.

Epoxy floors are really durable

It’s not easy to lay epoxy but the result is well worth it. It’s impact resistant and can handle, trucks, forklifts and people moving over it all day every day. 

Epoxy can withstand shock, heavy machinery as well as most spills without cracking or showing signs of deterioration.

Epoxy floors are eco-friendly

Because epoxy doesn’t flake or disintegrate you won’t have pieces of flooring entering your environment. It’s easy to clean without harsh chemicals and the installation has very little waste at the end. 

Epoxy floors are reasonably priced

Epoxy flooring is so long-lasting that you will replace or repair many other surfaces years before you need to touch your epoxy floor solution. 

Other than keeping it clean which is easy enough to do with a mop or gurney, you’ll have to work hard to damage this surface and have it need replacing or any repairs undertaken for many years to come. 

Installed by professionals using high-quality epoxy, you’ll find that this is a surface that will still be looking good well after other surfaces installed at the same time have been removed and replaced.

Epoxy floors are so easy to clean

When epoxy flooring is poured, there are no joins, seams, gaps or ridges on it. It’s just one big smooth easy clean surface with nowhere for dirt, or bacteria to hide. 

If you are in the food industry, this is the perfect easy-to-clean sanitary floor surface you will find. An anti-microbial additive can be put into the flooring to increase sanitation and keep you and your customers safer if required.

Epoxy floors are safer

With the opportunity to add a nonslip additive or acrylic flakes to the mix, you can almost eliminate the chances of slipping on wet floors making them safer for your staff and customers in high-traffic areas. 

Epoxy floors are also very smooth with no cracks gaps or lumps to create trip hazards. When safety is a high priority for your business, then epoxy flooring might well be your answer.

Epoxy floors give you a professional appearance

With so many finishes, degrees of shine and even the ability to add custom colours and patterns to epoxy floors, you know they will always look good and make you and your company look good at the same time!

Smooth shiny floors in a colour that works for your business with make your product stand out in a showroom, and look great for years to come with a minimum of fuss!

Call us today and see how many advantages epoxy flooring could have for your business!

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